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Who we are:



Man was created with a yearning to have a relationship with someone far greater than himself. We believe that the eternal God is that someone. He created the local church to give us the opportunity to come and worship the God of the universe together. Every Sunday we emphasize the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus. For through Him man has an opportunity to be with God now and forever in heaven and to have His Holy Spirit living within us.  Each week we come together as a family and allow that Holy Spirit to teach us the deep things of the God of creation.



God guided men thousands of years ago to write about their experiences and truths that God taught them through those experiences. These writings were brought together into a book by God.  Since God oversaw the writing and assembling of the book, we believe it to be the TRUTH. The world is looking for truth and the Bible is truth and contains life-changing principles that will bring peace and joy to one who is searching. The Holy Spirit teaches us about God and His truths through studying this Bible. Here at Fellowship Bible Church, the Bible is the center of all teaching for within it are the fundamental truths for all the answers to life's problems.



This world is in darkness and as a result, getting more hostile towards God, His Son Jesus, and His followers. So God also created the church to be the place where followers of Jesus can come together for fellowship (friendship). This time of fellowship is designed to prepare us for the challenges of the upcoming week. Challenges brought on by the choices of a Godless evil world and its philosophies; philosophies that are destroying the traditional family unit as well as the lives of every individual God created. At Fellowship Bible Church you will find a safe place to find hope, the love of friends and the support to face life's daily struggles.

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