Nursery Schedule


  3. Veronica, Nancy W.

10. Bethany, Veronica

17. Beck, Loraine

24. Sam, Veronica

31. Liz, Anna, Ayame



  7. Sam, Beck

14. Loraine, Bethany

21. Veronica, Jackie

28. Sam, Veronica



 7. Liz, Anna, Ayame

14. Beck, Veronica

21. Loraine, Veronica

28. Sam, Jackie



4. Beck, Bethany

11. Liz, Anna, Ayame

18. Veronica, Loraine

25. Jackie, Sam

If your name is in italics then you are the backup. You don’t need to be up in the nursery on that Sunday unless another family needs to put their child up there.

If you are unable to fulfill your duty on the scheduled date, please make arrangements to switch with someone else. Please make a note about the change on the bulletin board’s nursery schedule and also let Veronica know. Thank you so much for serving in this ministry!